Is an FAA Examiner available?

Yes, he is located on the field.

How frequently should I plan to fly?

Once or twice a week is a practical compromise for most working adults or students. Hi-intensity programs are available for those that can fly more frequently. One instructor covers early morning and late
evenings and weekends. Two are available weekdays and one of those weekends.
The fourth has hours all week on a varying schedule.

Why should someone be interested in flying?

There are a lot of reasons and which is best varies by individual. I've been
a pilot since 1969 and flight instructor since 1971 and in all that time
I think I have enjoyed most the challenge that flying offers. It's one of
the best person esteem things you can do in life. It requires knowledge
of everything from aerodynamics to navigation to mechanics. But for many
it's just fun. And I've enjoyed that as well. The feeling you have on
a clear crisp morning of climbing up above the haze and being able to
almost see forever is barely describable. And the feeling of knowing you
did it is amazing. You accomplished it.

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