Kurt Knoefel on the left with Royal Griffin DPE on the right receiving his Private Pilot Certificate.


Congratulations to Mike Mahon and Mark Everette for receiving their Instrument rating and to Kurt Knoefel for his Private Pilot Certificate and Phil Smith for his Instrument Instructor rating. Well done all.

The Instrument rating is a significant expansion of capability on your Pilot certificate. It allows access to the full services of ATC and increases the probability that you can make trips on schedule. It still has limitations due the type of airplanes we fly but you would be amazed at how many trips can be flown that would keep a non-instrument pilot on the ground or flying the airlines. Even when the weather supports VFR I file and fly IFR just to take advantage of the “system”. For example, I just took a trip down to Washington DC for an overnight. The VFR procedures are complex and the penalty for doing it wrong is possible intercept by an F-16. (A nice photo op I’m sure, but no thanks). Going IFR is easy and there’s no chance of being in the wrong airspace.

Both our aircraft are fully IFR capable, both autopilot equipped and our simulator qualified for up to ten hours of instruction toward your rating. We have a staff of Instrument Instructors ready to take you through the process. Give me or one of our instructors a call and let’s get started.


Elite PC-ATD SimulatorFAA Designated Examiner Royal Griffith congratulates Ian Melville on successful completion of Private Pilot Test

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