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Elite PC-ATD Flight Simulator At Future Flyers

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Future Flyers of CT, (FFCT) offering flight training and aircraft rental at Simsbury Airport (4B9), Simsbury, Connecticut, has added an Elite PC-ATD simulator for the benefit of its students. The simulator can be used for 2.5 hours of Instrument training toward the Private Rating and 10 hours training toward the Instrument Rating. The ATD (Approved Training Device) can also be used for an IPC to maintain Instrument currency.

A CFII can pause the simulator and give instruction to the student and the “airplane” can be moved to at any location for repeat IFR approaches. Holding pattern entries are taught more efficiently on a Simulator, as the track of the entire holding pattern and entry may be seen.
The ELITE saves students money as they can instantly repeat maneuvers and have no concerns about repositioning, traffic, weather, taxiing, run-up, etc. Vacuum system, electrical, radio and other emergencies can be simulated more efficiently with the ATD because they can be preprogrammed into the simulator or initiated by the Instructor.CFII Steve Smith, co-owner of FFCT with his wife, Diane, is chief instructor at the school and has five CFIs and CFIIs on the staff. Smith is former CEO of Aerosance, Inc. Farmington, CT, inventors of the popular FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) aircraft engine control system. Primary and Instrument flight training is provided and evening ground schools have been well attended. FFCT flies and rents Cessna 172 and Liberty XL-2 aircraft at Simsbury Airport. Students and renters do their own online scheduling 24/7.A high percentage of FFCT’s primary students attend local High Schools. Several have soloed on their16th birthdays and are now close to getting their Private Pilot ratings. For more information about flight training and aircraft rental at Simsbury Airport go to or call Steve Smith at 860-819-3717. You may also email Steve at